Established in 1977, AGI General Contracting is a leading commercial general contractor specializing in healthcare, grocery, and retail markets throughout the West. Offering full project management capabilities with a customer-centric focus, AGI provides a full range of services including pre-construction, construction, and design/build.

Founded by Art Gautreau — a carpenter by trade and entrepreneur at heart — AGI remains a family-owned and operated general contracting business with a forward-looking vision. Our company is built on a solid foundation of integrity, hard work, and delivering on our promises. Over the past 40-plus years, we have continued to expand by fostering trusted, long-standing partnerships with recognized healthcare, grocery, and retail brands. We’ve never lost sight of where we came from, who we are, and the values the Art Gautreau name stands for.


Art Gautreau — Laying the Foundation


Building the Family Business


Gaining a Son, Losing a Father


Entering the Computer Age


On the Move


Putting Project Management to the Test


Managing Financial Performance


Xcelling with Project Management


Breaking Ground in Grocery


Evolving the Brand


The Next Level in Grocery


Entering the Retail Market


Diversifying and Expanding


Beyond Southern California


Hello, Healthcare


Going Big in Grocery


Investing in Next-Gen Technology


Moving Forward with Medical



Integrity is our foundation and carries through to every aspect of our company and how we operate — with character, honesty, transparency, and reliability that builds our soundness and strength. We live by this every day.


Founded on family values, we treat our employees, clients and business partners like family, showing them the respect, support and care they deserve.


Safety is paramount to our operations each and every day. Our priority is to make sure our employees and business partners stay protected on the job and go home safe to their families every day.


Our clients are at the center of all we do. We take the time and make the effort to understand our clients and their needs so that we can meet them.


It is all about the relationship. Whether the first project or the tenth, we always strive to exceed expectations.


We believe that a healthy company has an opportunity for healthy giving. We work to create a company culture and mindset of generosity, and strive to support our community in multiple ways.


To be the leading commercial general contracting firm in the West specializing in healthcare, grocery, and retail.


Chris joined AGI in 1985, when the company was owned and operated by his father Art Gautreau. Following his father’s passing, over the decade-plus Chris grew in his role within the company. During that time, he was instrumental in creating AGI’s forward-looking vision. Under his direction, AGI adopted its first computerized system, moved to its current headquarters, and grew to over 50 employees.

After assuming the role of President in 1999, Chris has continued to honor his father’s legacy of honesty, integrity, and putting customers first, while driving the company’s business development efforts. Leading by example, Chris coaches AGI’s management team to take ownership of their work, proactively resolve challenges for clients, and deliver on promises made. As part of his vision for success, Chris drove the company’s strategic decision to integrate leading-edge technology that enables AGI to effectively manage projects of all sizes and complexity. Under his leadership, AGI has evolved to become one of the West’s leading general contractors specializing in healthcare, grocery, and retail with a growing list of repeat clients representing a number of the most recognized names in their markets.

Prior to joining his brother Chris at the helm of their family-run business in 2001, Andrew earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s in business administration. He honed his business acumen holding key project management, business development and finance positions at Southern California Edison and Home Savings of America.

Leveraging this experience, Andrew joined AGI to collaborate with Chris on executing the company’s vision. Andrew played a key role in acquiring and integrating AGI’s ERP construction software platform that equips the company with the latest mobile technologies, analytics, and project management capabilities. He continues to advance this vision by making sure AGI has a solid infrastructure to support its growth, employs the right processes, assigns the best team for each project, and adheres to client budgets. Working closely with Chris, Andrew ensures that AGI continues to be a financially solid, thriving business with a clear path for growth.



Many times what we hear are complaints and rarely does one take the time to truly offer words of encouragement for the things that go well. The people who were hired to work on this project were the most professional people I have encountered in this industry.  They all held each other to a very high standard and as a result we have a beautiful building.”


We have nothing but positive feedback on AGI. They have been very professional with myself and the store staff. I would say because of AGI this project has been very smooth and AGI’s commitment to follow through with our timeline schedule has been outstanding.”


We had zero complaints during the Pavilions remodel. The residences on the hillside, surrounding the parking lot, are very quick to call the property manager at anytime. AGI did an awesome job during the months of construction! The store looks awesome and was very well received by customers today.”


I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the solid team at Torrance. They have been great out there. Although you guys are probably used to the OT on holidays, it still means much to me that your guys are willing to do this without complaint.”

Friends Church

Thank you for all your guidance and patience during the building of the church pavilion.  We could not have done it without you.  It’s a beautiful space we are already enjoying! It has been a joy getting to know you and all the group over the last few months.  We are thankful for your professionalism and help!”

City of Escondido

It was a pleasure working with the AGI contractors. The building department and counter staff for the City of Escondido takes a lot of pride in what we do, for the public and contractors such as yourself. I personally look forward to working with AGI contractors in the future.”